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1st Bio Wash-Cation Exchange Capacity
    Mike Wallace, owner of Island Botanicals, transplanted approximately 100 3-feet high papaya trees. He Bio-Washed a portion of them. At the end of 90 days, the BioWashed trees were 10 feet tall and loaded with papayas.

    The secret was in the roots and the benefits of increased Cation Exchange Capacity. (CEC)

    The difference was BioWashed plants loaded with fruit, and non-BioWashed fruitless trees.
A cation is an ion with a positive electro-magnetic charge. BioWash is comprised of exceptionally tiny particles called “colloidal micelles.” Each micelle carries a negative electro-magnetic charge that is capable of attracting, holding and exchanging positively charged particles (cations) of magnesium, calcium, carbon, trace minerals and other nutrients in a manner that allows roots to more easily absorb them. This phenomenon is called “cation exchange.”

BioWash enhances Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC).
Island Botanicals - Tropical & Ornamentals
Dr. Ted Tidwell - Formulator - Lime Clusters (11)
Mike Wallace - Contrasts
Island Botanicals
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BioWash is NOT a fertilizer...

Total phosphorous is only .1%.  (Note the decimal point… one tenth of one per cent!)
Nitrogen is only .03%.  Or, three one hundredth of one percent!
Potassium is only .003%. Or, three one thousandth of one percent!

So, what’s causing all the excitement? Why are thousands of small gardeners and large farmers excitedly reporting more rapid growth and astounding yield increases, doubled, tripled and quadrupled profits?

What’s causing increased BRIX and improved freeze tolerance?  Why are growers enjoying earlier to market produce and premium prices?

The answer appears to be the phenomenal stimulation of the electro-magnetic activity that BioWash produces in the roots. Researchers refer to it as theCation Exchange Capacity.”

It’s the new natural science that is launching the 2nd Green Revolution. It is a non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, carcinogen free and affordable tool for feeding humanity.
Island Botannicals - BioWashed Papaya Testing
BioWash dramatically increases the cation exchange capacity of roots, thus improving the absorption of water, nutrients, composts, humus, trace minerals, etc.  In each of the following photos, the larger roots resulted from BioWashing.
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Island Botannicals - Bio Wash Papaya Test -
Enhanced CEC:
(1) greatly increases plant absorption of existing water
and nutrients,
(2) visibly enhances growth, hardiness and yield while
(3) reducing the amount of water and fertilizer needed to
be added to the soil.

Additional benefits include increased BRIX (sugar content) which ...

(a) Improves plant resistance to cold damage (down
      to 27 F.)
(b) Provides natural protection against insects that
      cannot digest sugar.
(c) Provides faster growth and maturity, thus
      producing earlier harvests
(d) Extends the growing season, thus increasing
      harvest volumes
(e) Easily increases grower’s profits with little extra
Island Botannicals - Bio Wash Papaya Test -
Island Botannicals - Bio Wash Papaya Test -
Mike Wallace - Contrasts
Left & Right:
(1, 2 & 3)) Okra Test: BioWashed seeds spouted faster, grew faster, larger and yielded more. 
(4 & 5) Mexican farmer advised that BioWashing his squash doubled his yields and extended the productive season.

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BioWashed Corn Roots - Corn Stalks - Double Sized - Hardy
BioWashed Corn Roots - Corn Stalks - Double Sized - Hardy
BioWashed Corn Roots and Stalks Equals Larger Profits!
BioWashed Corn Crops - 8 Foot Tall - Large Sized Corn Ears - $400 Acre vs $100 Acre Previously
Left to Right:
(1 & 2) BioWashed corn roots and stalks are doubled in size and hardiness. 

(3) Non-BioWashed corn produced $100 per acre.

(4) Eight (8) foot tall BioWashed corn produced enormous sized ears and $400 per acre.

(5) Larger, fuller ears equal larger profits.
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(1) BioWashed potato roots display increased cation exchange capacity (CEC)
(2) BioWashed plants are larger and hardier.
(3) Increased hardiness saved BioWashed plants from freezing.
(4) Difference in root development is clearly visible.
TOP - Left & Right:
(1) George Trigg, N.C. reported increased yield of beautiful golden wheat from 60 to 74 bushels per acre (23%).

(2) Soy growers in Kansas and Missouri doubled nitrogen nodules and greatly increased soy bean yield.

(3) When winter dormant lawns grew lush and green in January, farmers realized that the growing seasons for hay and pasture grass could be extended.
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BioWashed Potato Roots
BioWashed Plants - Large & Hardier
BioWashed Plants - Freeze Resistant
Improved cation exchange provides faster sprouting and growth, earlier maturity, increased yields, higher profits.
Extended Growing Seasons Extended - Grass
BioWashed Coffee Trees - Record crop production
Peaches ready 4/weeks ahead of competitors!
BioWashed Strawberry Plants - After just 4/Days!
BioWashed Beans - Sprayed, Planted and Sprouted!
Left & Right
(1) Beans sprayed, planted and spouted within four days.

(2) BioWashed strawberry plant difference after four days.

(3) Juan Diego’s peaches were market ready four weeks ahead of his competitor’s.

(4) Juan’s coffee trees produced “the most ever beans.”

(5) Blue Harbor Organics depends on BioWash for consistently higher quality crops.
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Extended growing season - Hay and Pasture Grass
Increasing the BRIX improves the photosynthesis process, thus producing larger, hardier, faster growing, quicker maturity and increased yields of row and field crops, fruits and vegetables.
(1) Control plot of non-BioWashed mangos;
(2) Increased growth six weeks after BioWashing
Crop-Blackberry Vines-Largest and Sweetest in Mexico history.
BioWash Avocado Tree - From 11/years of being fruitless to bountiful!
Left, Right & Below:
(1) Tangerine yield soared from 300-400 small, tart tangerines to over 2,000 large, sweeter tangerines.

(2) Ms. Bohannon’s avocado tree had been fruitless for 11 years until she BioWashed it.

(3) BioWashed blackberry vines produced “The largest, sweetest, pesticide- free blackberry crop in the history of Mexico.”

(4) BioWashed tomato plants produced double the normal crop.
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BioWash Tangerines - Yield 2000 and sweeter!
BioWashed Tomato Plants-Double the Crop
Tree House - Bob and Vivian Murray
BioWashed Crops - Mango Trees
BioWashed Crops - Mango Trees
BioWashed Crops - Mango Trees
BioWashed Crops - Mango Trees
Some farmers call it “Magic Soap.” Madeline Bohannon, Past President, Ft Myers Tropical Fruit Growers Club, believes it. Following a devastating blight in 1998, her avocado tree (Right) had been fruitless for 11 years. In 2009, she BioWashed it. It produced over 200 “Pesticide Free” avocados!
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Avocado Tree - 200 Pesticide Free Avocados!
Raising Orchids
Below: The world famous Miami Mike’s Mango tree that launched the 2nd Green Revolution:

Hoping that BioWashing could improve the health and appearance of his mangos, Mike Vaughan tried BioWashing them. His results amazed him and his neighbors. His yield soared from an estimated 50 mangos the previous season to nearly 1,000!
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Raising Orchids
Above:  Ms. Bohannon also raises orchids. The growth difference in BioWashed and non-BioWashed orchids is astounding.
Raising Orchids
Mango Tree - BioWash - Improve Health and Appearance
Mango Tree - BioWash -Yield 1,000 Mangos
Mango Tree - BioWash -Yield 1,000 Mangos
In January, before the buds appeared, Mike BioWashed the tree. In February, he had so many blooms; people drove from the city to marvel. By May, the increased weight of fruit broke two large limbs. He had to support the other limbs. His fruit was the sweetest ever and blemish free.

Mike’s neighbor’s trees (Right-Bottom Photo) had the same soil, the same sun, the same rain, the same temperature but were not BioWashed. They had few or no mangos.
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Dr. Ted Tidwell - Formulator - Lime Clusters (11)
Amazing Papaya Yields - 100 Papayas Per Tree!
Antonio - 25 AcrePapaya Grove
(1) Antonio at the edge of his 25 acre papaya grove.
(2) Antonio and Dr. Ted Tidwell, formulator, holding a cluster containing 11 limes.
(3) Increased cation exchange capacity increased yield as high as 100 papayas per tree.
(4) A local official marveled at the amazing yields.

Since the photos of Mike’s Mangos appeared, countless successes have been reported. News of BioWash, a cation exchange exciter, has spread around the world.

Farmers in Mexico were among the first to embrace this new science and enjoy the benefits of increased cation exchange capacities.

Antonio Gutierrez’s profits from a 70 acre lime grove soared from $18,000 to $100,000+!

He BioWashed 25 acres of papaya trees. Instead of bearing only during the normal January through June season, he was still shipping papayas to Los Angeles in November!
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Crops - Soy Fields - Kansas - Missouri - Increased Yield - Doubled Nitrogen Nodules
George Trigg, NC - Increased Yield - GOlden Wheat (60 to 70 Bushels Per Acre) 23%
Extended Growing Seasons Extended - Grass
BioWashed Papaya Trees - 10 Feet Tall & Loaded With Papayas - Within 90/Days