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1st EnviroSafety Inc. is proudly leading the “2nd Green Revolution” of dramatic yield increases of nutritious, pesticide-free crops.

A new, exceptionally cheap, carcinogen-free, 100% biodegradable solution, blended from processed extracts of natural plants is changing agriculture.

Amazingly, it is neither a fertilizer not an insecticide, yet growers are enjoying generous financial profits while feeding millions of people all over the world.

The phenomenon has been a mystery. It happened accidentally… some say by Divine Providence.

It began in 1997 when Dr. Ted Tidwell, Pine Island, Florida, began a quest to develop a carcinogen-free cleaning solution.

It took five years of research and testing but he finally developed a cleaner believed to be the world’s only known effective cleaner completely free of cancer-causing chemicals.

Along the way, he began receiving reports of surprising increases in rice crops, citrus crops, corn crops, mango trees, papayas, peppers, soy, wheat, tomatoes, melons, etc. yields.

Consumers began describing extended production seasons for tomatoes and papayas. Excited home gardeners reported more and larger flower blooms.

Nursery owners described better seed germination and earlier fruit blooms and ripening.

Homeowners expressed delight with their newfound ability to keep lawns green and lush during the winter dormant season.

Growers reported incredible increases in soy, wheat, corn, winter pasture grass and hay yields.

The shelf life of fruit and vegetables was extended for days.

The leaves of the plant actively release water through pores at the surface drawing water up from  the roots. By this method, essential nutrients extracted from the soil are transported to sites of growth and production in the shoot.

BioWash excites the cations that stimulate the movement of nutrients into the plant.

Cations are atoms carrying positive electric charges. Negatively charged anions are attracted them. They attach themselves and hitch a ride into the plant.

One grower believes that one or more BioWash ingredients assist the absorption of naturally available phosphorus. If so, growers can reduce the expense of adding phosphorus to the soil.

The benefits of excited and enlarged cation exchange capacity are shown in the following photos:
Untreated and BioWashed potato roots
Reports of plant frost and freeze survival excited large growers and home gardeners.

Two instances of confirmed freeze-damage recovery were reported!

Growers begin noticing a "natural" resistance to insects and diseases.

Enlightened growers and researchers became curious and begin to explore the reasons. Thousands of large growers and home gardeners have tested the phenomenon with nearly 100% success. Their enthusiasm is contagious.

When the University of Georgia needed a name to describe it while writing the results of a lab test, a previous  employee named it BioWash.”

The science and some theories follow:

The Differences

Unlike typical insecticides and fertilizers containing cancer-causing chemicals, 1st EnviroSafety, Inc. converts processed extracts of natural plants into the tiniest particles known to advanced science.

To better appreciate how BioWash influences growth, let’s review some fundamentals of plant health.


It begins with electro-magnetic action in the roots. When a seed germinates, it produces an embryonic root that grows into the soil. As the root grows, it produces hair and lateral roots. Within the root, the inner cells absorb water and nutrients from the root to the shoot and from the shoot to the root.

This process is called “Cation Exchange.”
BioWash excites and enlarges this “cation exchange capacity.”

Flow from the shoot to the root is achieved by loading sugars produced in the leaves into the phloem. The sugar-laden solution moves downward to the root.
Soy, wheat, corn, hay, tomato, melon, berry, citrus, mango, ornamental, flower, etc, growers all report increased root development, larger, stronger plants and increased yields.

Many other crops have been BioWashed. Nearly all produced earlier maturation, were larger with increased yields and fruit sizes.

BioWashed rice crops in Thailand “flowered seven days earlier. Total crop yield increased by an astonishing 20%. The BioWashed crop was  harvested one week earlier than the control.

In Hawaii, an onion crop with a maturity of 120 days was picked, crated and sold in 90 days.

In Australia, a number of tests involving plums, nectarines, lettuce, and wheat reported significantly higher sugar content and growth gains along with disease resistance.
Studies in South Africa confirmed improved vine health in the vineyards.

The most exciting benefit to growers is the pleasing increase in farm profits.

In Mexico, Antonio Gutierrez tended 70 acres of limes. In the season prior to BioWashing, his total revenue was only $18,000.
Untreated & BioWashed Potatoe Roots - Large Roots Survived Freeze
BioWashed Peas & Non-Washed Peas
Untreated and BioWashed Potatoe Roots
Larger Roots Survived Freeze
BioWashed and Non-Washed Peas
Adjacent Control Produced $100/Acre
Adjacent Control Produced $100/Acre
BioWashed Okra RootLarger, Deeper
BioWashed Okra Root
Larger, Deeper
The Treated Okra Produced Substantially More Pods.
Untreated & BioWashed Okra Seed Germination & Growth
The Treated Okra Above Produced Substantially
More Pods.
The next season, he applied approximately $1,500 worth of BioWash. His profits soared to over $100,000.00.
Recovery From Blight
Madeline Bohannon’s avocado tree had been fruitless fruit since suffering blight damage in 1998. During the 2009 season, she drenched it with BioWash. It responded with 200+ beautiful avocados

Vitally important to growers, their employees and families, Dr. Tidwell proudly certifies that, per the MSDS’s of all ingredients, BioWash contains NO cancer-causing chemicals.
Loaded with Papayas; Papayas normally require a year to yield fruit.
The non-BioWashed Trees Were Only Shoulder High and Fruitless. (Below)
Untreated & BioWashed Corn Roots
Dramatically increased yields are reported without the expense of additional fertilizers.


Photosynthesis is the process by which plants utilize sunlight to produce sugar. Sugar forms the basis for starches, cellulose, waxes, carbohydrates, oils and protein that are the building blocks for plant growth.

The leaf is crammed full of photosynthetic cells.

During photosynthesis, leaves use water and release oxygen. Plants and trees, after being sprayed with Bio-Wash, experience an accelerated level of photosynthesis. This is believed due to the tiny size of the particles, which allows them to penetrate the plant’s leaves, improving photosynthesis.

As a benefit, the plant grows more rapidly, is healthier, stronger, more productive and better able to resist disease.
The leaf traps energy from sunlight and stores it as sugars and starch.

International Test Results

Because BioWashing produced larger, faster growing plants, an African agronomist theorized that BioWashing increased photosynthesis.

To test his theory, several plots of wheat were BioWashed.   Adjoining plots were treated with conventional fertilizer.

Wheat from both plots was submitted for a Brix reading. Astonishingly, the sugar content of the BioWashed wheat increased eight (8%) percent within five days.

Another test was conducted on nuts. The control trees were in adjacent fields.

The sugar content of the BioWashed leaves increased fifty (50%) percent within seven days compared to the control trees.

As long as the trees were BioWashed at two week intervals, the sugar content remained at an elevated 5O%+ level.

BioWash formulator Dr. Ted Tidwell and Antonio Gutierrez holding a cluster of 11 limes compared to the usual 1 to 4.
Untreated & BioWashed
Corn Roots
Growth Difference At Four Weeks
Growth Difference At Four Weeks
Dr. Rico produced $400/Acre
Dr. Rico produced $400/Acre
8 Foot Corn Stalks!
Corn-Dramatically increased yields are reported without the expense of additional fertilizers.
The normal bearing season is from January through June; but in November, he was still shipping “Pesticide Free” papayas to Los Angeles. His revenue: $1,000,000+. His BioWash investment: Only $12,000.

In mid-June 2009, Mike Wallace, Owner, Island Botanicals, transplanted about 100 papaya trees. He BioWashed half of them.
Antonio treated 25 acres of papayas at 3-week intervals: each tree produced between 60 and 100 gigantic papayas.
In mid-September, (90 days) his BioWashed trees were 10 feet high.
Blight Resistance?

University researchers discovered that increased sugar contest increases disease resistance.

Non-BioWashed tomato plants in the 1st EnviroSafety Research Garden developed tomato blight. The BioWashed plants remained healthy.
Non-BioWashed tomato plants in the 1st EnviroSafety Research Garden developed tomato blight. The BioWashed plants remained healthy.
The verdict is in… BioWashing works!

Comparative field tests also confirm earlier and higher rates of germination, quicker flowering and increased overall crop size.

BioWash rewards users with spectacular benefits. It is revolutionary in that it achieves these enormous benefits as a truly “Green Solution.”

Blended from processed extracts of natural plants, BioWash easily qualified for the EPA’s most desirable “Readily Biodegradable” designation and the USDA “BioPreferred” catalogue.

1st Enviro Safety, Inc. is proud to have developed and presently lead the "2nd Green Revolution". 

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